Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Rivalry

As the school year comes to a close, I find myself thinking more and more about our trip (when I'm not thinking about exams, mom, of course) and the experiences we will have.

For Craig, Owen and me, August 5th — the third day of our trip — will be a particularly important day. That evening we will be at Yankee Stadium for a 7 o'clock game between Craig's hometown Yankees and Owen's and my beloved Seattle Mariners (we have watched all 33 of their games so far this season).

While nearly three months stand between us and Yankee Stadium, the Mariners begin a weekend series in the Bronx this Friday, with Felix Hernandez taking the mound Friday night in what will be a blockbuster matchup. Felix loves pitching at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees have openly coveted Seattle's ace. Given the Mariners' general ineptitude (and that's putting it nicely) trade rumors about Felix to the Evil Empire are always swirling. As I wrote in a recent article for the Fan Manifesto (shameless plug: the Mariners as an organization can quell further rumors by building a winning team and devoting more of their resources to winning than accumulating revenue, but at the end of the day we must remember that these are the Mariners after all.

For now, though, Owen and I will happily send Craig taunting texts as Felix fans a litany of Yankee hitters on Friday night en route to a Mariners' victory and setting up a tense rematch between two competing clubs (I can still dream) on August 5th.

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