Thursday, June 14, 2012

Matt Cain and the "Perfect Game Crew"

Hats off to Matt Cain and throwing the 23rd perfect game in MLB history. This outing will definitely cement Cain as one of the elite pitchers in baseball, a role that he has deserved for a few years now. He has finally emerged from the incongruously large shadow of "Tiny Tim" Lincecum.

 If you have ESPNInsider, you should check out Buster Olney's post on the "Perfect Game Crew." Tim Runge, last night's third base umpire not only worked the Philip Humber perfect game earlier this season, but he and Ted Barrett (last night's home plate umpire, second base ump in Humber's game) also worked the Mariners combined no-hitter earlier this year.

Oh yeah, and they worked Armando Galarraga's would-be perfect game too (damn you, Jim Joyce!!). This is either a remarkable series of coincidences, or we've got a full-blown conspiracy theory on our hands. And don't forget, umpires get authenticated balls from every no-hitter or perfect they call.

Now I just hope Bud Selig doesn't come after me like David Stern.

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  1. Jim Joyce*

    James Joyce was a famous early 20th century writer.