Saturday, August 11, 2012

Games 8 & 9: Chicago

We had a long and amazing day in Chicago, seeing the Cubs host the Reds at Wrigley Field in the afternoon, then the White Sox host the Athletics at U.S. Cellular at night. The blog post will come tomorrow night, the delay being due to a difficulty we are having with our in-car internet, but we wanted to share some photos with you now.

Until the blog is up, it is worth giving a quick recap of the day: Wrigley Field was everything we imagined it to be and so much more. Easily in a class of its own among stadiums thus far. A longer description is necessary, but even that will not do it justice. U.S. Cellular could not live up to Wrigley in any way, but it was a state-of-the-art stadium and we appreciated that. Moreover, we saw a walk-off home run by White Sox outfielder Jordan Danks, making it the most thrilling game yet. Afterward, we were treated to a firework show at the stadium, and then we went back to Wrigleyville to watch a local comedy performance, which was a lot of fun. That wrapped up our longest and most exciting day of the trip. 

Oh, and we got to watch Aroldis Chapman pitch this afternoon. He lived up to the hype.

We are headed to Minnesota tomorrow to see the Twins host the Rays at Target Field. After that game, we will have seen ten baseball games, at ten major league ballparks, in nine days. 

P.S. You will notice in the pictures that a fifth road-tripper, Anna, has joined us. We picked her up from the airport last night, and she will be staying with us through Seattle.

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Chicago deep dish pizza
Left to right: Anna, Grapefruit, Damon
Bartman's corner
The view behind our seats, toward Lake Michigan

Our favorite fans, a funny and charming British couple at their first baseball game
Sky at U.S. Cellular
View from our seats
Damon, Anna, Chicago skyline
Fireworks over U.S. Cellular
Danks' walk-off
Wrigley's scoreboard; no video screen 
View from our seats at Wrigley

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