Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Frequent readers will notice that we continually refer to something called the Thuuz Score in our game recaps.  Use of this term deserves some explanation.  Thuuz is a sports website that tracks the quality of every major sporting event.  Scores are given on a 0-100 scale where a score of 0 is not worthy of anyone's time and 100 is one of the most entertaining games of the year.  The scores are updated with each play so as to track the quality of a event as it progresses.  Games are not considered in a vacuum as record-setting performances and playoff implications are also taken into account.  While they do not make their formula public making it impossible to determine the extent of the website's subjectivity, we have accepted Thuuz as a reliable method for determining a game's relative objective excitement factor.  Since the majority of the games we are attending will involve teams other than the Mariners, Yankees, or Red Sox, we are hoping for thoroughly entertaining back and forth contests with high Thuuz scores.  To get more information, everyone should visit the Thuuz website here.

Prior to leaving, the four of us constructed a Thuuz fantasy league for the journey as a way of placing personal interest in each game.  We each selected 8 games on the trip in an a auction draft format to comprise our "teams".  Whoever has the highest average Thuuz score for his selected games wins the league.  While a lot of this ends up being simply dumb luck, it puts an interesting spin on our rooting preferences at each game.  We'll be publishing regular updates on the league's standings.

Click "Read more" to see the results of the draft.

Diamondbacks @ Phillies (August 4)
Diamondbacks @ Pirates (August 6)*
Yankees @ Tigers (August 7)
Giants @ Cardinals (August 9)
Nationals @ Giants (August 15)
Indians @ Athletics (August 18)
Rangers @ Indians (August 31)
Yankees @ Orioles (September 7)

Mariners @ Yankees (August 5)
Diamondbacks @ Pirates (August 6)*
Rays @ Angels (August 19)
Giants @ Dodgers (August 20)
Giants @ Astros (August 28)
Tigers @ Royals (August 29)
Phillies @ Reds (September 5)
Marlins @ Mets (September 7)

Marlins @ Nationals (August 3)
Reds @ Brewers (August 8)*
Reds @ Cubs (August 10)
Athletics @ White Sox (August 10)
Brewers @ Rockies (August 13)
Rays @ Rangers (August 27)
Mets @ Marlins (September 2)
Blue Jays @ Red Sox (September 9)

Reds @ Brewers (August 8)*
Rays @ Twins (August 11)
Twins @ Mariners (August 17)
Pirates @ Padres (August 21)
Padres @ Diamondbacks (August 25)
Rays @ Blue Jays (August 30)
Yankees @ Rays (September 3)
Rockies @ Braves (September 4)

*Because 30 games are not evenly divisible between four people, two games have multiple owners.

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