Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Game 24: Marlins Stadium — A (Strip) Tease

Mets 1, Marlins 5

For my thoughts on the game, please check out my post on the Fan Manifesto.

Games Watched: 24
Games to Go: 6
Thuuz Score: 19
Stadium: I go into further detail in my post, but I was disappointed by the stadium. At first pleased with its intimacy — though admittedly off-put by the stadiums bright green color and horrendous centerfield statue — my feelings toward the stadium were immediately soured when Owen pointed out a glitzy bar behind the lower left field seats, which included numerous pole dancers.
Fan Atmosphere: There was little fan atmosphere to speak of. The loudest cheer/reaction came when the Marlins' mascot tackled two racing sea creatures, therefore allowing the third place animal (still undetermined) to seize the victory.
Concessions: Craig and Owen both made their way to the Latin Food stall and ordered some combination of rice, chicken and plantains — a meal that far exceeded my own. During my short perusal of the available options, however, it was clear that the stadium offered many different types of food.
Tim Kurkjian Award: After Ronny Cedeno led the game off for the Mets with a double, second baseman Justin Turner hit a ball sharply toward the right field corner. Giancarlo Stanton was unable to make the play, but Cedeno did not go halfway to third on the ball and therefore had to stop at third. It was the first time any of us had ever seen back-to-back doubles when the lead runner did not score. 
Total Miles Traveled: 12366 miles
Miles to Next Game: 280 miles

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