Saturday, April 21, 2012


I just witnessed (on television) the first Perfect Game in my 10-plus years of watching baseball. Of course it came against the Seattle Mariners — who else? 

While witnessing a perfect game or a no-hitter during our trip would undoubtedly complete our trip and make it that much more memorable, we understand that in just 30 games the odds that we are present for a feat of tis nature are incredibly low.

Which is why we will be making a series of 'prop bets' and calculating the odds of seeing certain things during our trip. For example, what are the odds that we see someone hit for the cycle — hitting a single, double, triple and home run in the same game — during our trip? 100-1? 500-1? 1000-1? These are the things that we want to know before we leave so we can be prepared to understand its significance within our overall trip if it does happen. 

But we'll also create fun lines for over/unders. How many home runs will we see during the 30 games? Or total runs? Hit batsmen? Baseball is great because it is a game dominated by statistics. During our trip we will keep you all updated with the coolest and wackiest stats we keep during our trip.

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  1. Chances we see the Red Sox win a game during our trip? 100-1? 500-1? 1000-1?