About Us

From Left: Craig, Owen, Damon and Jeff

Craig Thompson ( ) is die-hard Yankees fan from New York City. A Junior at Middlebury, Craig is double-majoring Economics and Mathematical Sciences. Craig is a former high school pitcher and current three-season IM athlete, playing football, basketball and softball.

Jeff Hetzel ( ) is a Red Sox fan from Brattleboro, Vermont. Jeff is a Sophomore at Middlebury, where he double-majors in Political Science and Philosophy. Jeff plays on Middlebury's Ultimate Frisbee team year round, and does radio commentary of the Middlebury Football and Basketball games with Damon.

Damon Hatheway ( ) is a displaced Seattle sports fan who grew up in London, England. A rising senior feb at Middlebury (shout out to the class of '13.5, Craig), Damon is a sports editor for The Middlebury Campus and the Sports Director for WRMC, broadcasting home Middlebury football games in addition to men's and women's basketball, hockey and lacrosse games. A notorious procrastinator, Damon takes great pride in finishing his About Me section before Owen, a fellow Political Science major and procrastination minor.

Owen Witek ( ) is a real Northwesterner in both upbringing and sports fandom.  A native of Everett, Washington, Owen loves his Seattle Mariners.  A rising senior (note: not a feb) at Middlebury College, Owen is double majoring in Political Science and Economics.  Owen played varsity baseball and basketball in high school and now competes in IM football and basketball.

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  1. Hello 30in38 crew:
    Did not expect to see our photo with you guys at Comerica Park last night. Thanks. Don't forget about the "Salt n' Pepper Diner" in Wrigleyville prior to the Cubs game. Good omelets. The Western is my personal favorite.
    I retire next year and I'm thinking of doing a minor league ballpark tour. Calling it "Not banking on a ballgame" since so many parks today are named after financial institutions...Geez.
    Anyway, have fun guys.

    Mark & Karen
    Redford, MI