Saturday, April 21, 2012

Biblical Baseball?

Here's a New York Times article about a class at NYU called "Baseball as a Road to God." Oh, and its taught by Dr. John Sexton, the President of NYU. In his words: "The real idea of the course is to develop heightened sensitivity and a noticing capacity. So baseball's not 'the' road to God. For most of us, it isn't 'a' road to God. But it's a way to notice, to cause us to live more slowly and to watch more keenly and thereby to discover the specialness of of our life and our being, and, for some of us, something more than our being." This is definitely an article worth checking out. Prop to Mimi Fahs, one of our loyal followers, for showing me this.

I guess Phil Rizzuto was really on to something with his famous "Holy Cow!" home run calls

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  1. I guess that's why Kate Smith sings about God at the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium.

    Does any stadium play Amazing Grace?
    (probably not..)

    -your loyal follower, Mimi