Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bittersweet Caroline

Nick Underhill, a blogger at my favorite biased sports blog, River Avenue Blues, thinks its time for the Red Sahx to nix the 8th inning tradition of playing "Sweet Caroline" and singing along ("So good! So good! So good!") following yet another collapse. You can never really take these biased bloggers who are really just trying to be provocative too seriously, but he does make one really good point: the golden age of 2004-2007 is a thing of the past. No more Manny being Manny; no more Kevin Millar or Bill Mueller; no more Theo or Tito.

It's definitely way too soon to rule Adrian Gonzalez, Big Papi and Youk's team out of being a top contender in the AL, but with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford's injuries and Bobby Valentine's persisting existence, it is safe to say the aren't THE team to beat that they thought they were set up to be after signing Crawford, Gonzalez and John Lackey.

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