Our Schedule

Game 1:
            Date: August 3rd
City: Washington, D.C.
Game Details: Marlins @ Nationals 7:05pm

            Date: August 4th
City: Philadelphia, PA
Game Details: Diamondbacks @ Phillies 4:05pm

            Date: August 5th
City: New York, NY
Game Details: Mariners @ Yankees 1:05pm

            Date: August 6th
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Game Details: Diamondbacks @ Pirates 7:05pm

            Date: August 7th
City: Detroit, MI
Game Details: Yankees @ Tigers 7:05pm

            Date: August 8th
City: Milwaukee, WI
Game Details: Reds @ Brewers 2:05pm

            Date: August 9th
City: St. Louis, MO
Game Details: Giants @ Cardinals 1:45pm

            Date: August 10th
City: Chicago, IL
Game Details: Reds @ Cubs 2:05pm

            Date: August 10th
City: Chicago, IL
Game Details: Athletics @ White Sox 8:05pm

            Date: August 11th
City: Minneapolis, MN
Game Details: Rays @ Twins 7:05pm

            Date: August 13th
City: Denver, CO
Game Details: Brewers @ Rockies 8:40pm

            Date: August 15th
City: San Francisco, CA
Game Details: Nationals @ Giants 3:30pm

            Date: August 17th
City: Seattle, WA
Game Details: Twins @ Mariners 10:10pm

            Date: August 18th
City: Oakland, CA
Game Details: Indians @ Athletics 9:05pm

            Date: August 19th
City: Anaheim, CA
Game Details: Rays @ Angels 3:30pm

            Date: August 20th
City: Los Angeles, CA
Game Details: Giants @ Dodgers 10:05pm

            Date: August 21st 
City: San Diego, CA
Game Details: Pirates @ Padres 10:05pm

            Date: August 25th
City: Phoenix, AZ
Game Details: Padres @ Diamondbacks 8:40pm

            Date: August 27th
City: Arlington, TX
Game Details: Rays @ Rangers 8:05pm

            Date: August 28th
City: Houston, TX
Game Details: Giants @ Astros 8:05pm
            Date: August 29th
City: Kansas City, MO
Game Details: Tigers @ Royals 8:05pm

            Date: August 30th
City: Toronto, ON (Canada)
Game Details: Rays @ Blue Jays 7:05pm

            Date: August 31st
City: Cleveland, OH
Game Details: Rangers @ Indians 7:05pm

            Date: September 2nd
City: Miami, FL
Game Details: Mets @ Marlins 1:05pm

            Date: September 3nd
City: Tampa, FL
Game Details: Yankees @ Rays 1:05pm

Game 26:
            Date: September 4th
City: Atlanta, GA
Game Details: Rockies @ Braves 7:05pm

Game 27:
            Date: September 5th  
City: Cincinnati, OH
Game Details: Phillies @ Reds 12:30pm

Game 28:
            Date: September 7th  
City: Baltimore, MD
Game Details: Yankees @ Orioles 7:05pm
Game 29:
            Date: September 8th  
City: New York, NY
Game Details: Braves @ Mets 4:05pm

Game 30:
            Date: September 9th  
City: Boston, MA
Game Details: Blue Jays @ Red Sox 1:35pm

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  1. You're crazy, you know that?!? Love the project and the updates, keep em coming!!!